Telemedicine Video Visits

Our telemedicine program is now providing both follow up and some new patient visits with our ACHD providers via video chat using a mobile device. 


How to get set up for a virtual visit:

  • Setup requires any smartphone mobile device – iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.
  • Before your visit, download the MyChart app in the app store or in google play.
  • Set up your Columbia Connect account:
    • Self Sign Up:
      • Open the MyChart app or log into
      • Select “Columbia University Irving Medical Center Connect”
      • Click on "Sign Up Now"
      • Click on "No Activation Code? Self Sign Up"
      • Enter demographic information
      • Answer the security question
      • Create your username and password
      • Opt in or out of getting email notifications
    • OR use an Activation Link:
      • After speaking with our office we will send you an activation link to your email
      • Open email from
      • Follow account set-up instructions
      • Click Sign-In
      • Review and Accept Terms and Conditions

Now you are ready to start your virtual visit!

To schedule a visit with one of our cardiologists or nurse practitioners, first email one of our office staff to schedule. Once scheduled, follow the instructions below:

  • Open your MyChart app
  • Log into your Connect account
  • Click “Appointments”
  • Click on the appropriate Video Visit appointment
  • Once green, click the “Begin Visit” button at the bottom of your screen

*Do not click on the Stethoscope “E-Visit” icon as this is an entirely different tool and is not used for video visits

Reminders and Tips

  • Make sure you are in a quiet, well-lit room with a strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app on your phone or tablet
  • You, or your physician, can start the video visit up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time
  • If you minimize the app during your visit, the camera will pause but the microphone will still be on
  • If your connection gets lost, you can restart the video visit by logging back into  your appointment



For technical support contact Connect Technical Support at (646) 962-4200.